Tuesday Tunes – Cover Me!

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Cover Me!
No not a 70s cop show catchphrase, but are there any cover versions of songs that you think are better than the original?

The first one I thought of is definitely better in the cover version – Rock On. The original by David Essex is pretty lame, but the Def Leppard cover version is seriously sexy!

Another one that totally rocks out more than the original (although I love the original too) is Major Tom (Coming Home). The cover version by Shiny Toy Guns totally outstrips the original by Peter Schilling.

It’s rare for me to prefer a cover versin, but these two blow the originals out of the water. 🙂

4 responses to “Tuesday Tunes – Cover Me!

  1. Too cool tracks there, nice choices.

  2. Not to quibble, but the original Space Oddity was David Bowie. I’ll watch this newish one. 🙂