Tuesday Tunes – “Worst Song Ever!”

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Worst Song Ever!
Are there any tracks that when you hear them anywhere they make you feel ill?

Yes! There are TWO songs which make me feel physically sick – one actually caused me to quit a job!

The first is Sowing the Seeds of Love by Tears For Fears. Now, I don’t mind Tears For Fears, in fact, I love their original version of Mad World (far better than the abomination that is the cover version by Gary Jules), but Sowing the Seeds of Love makes me ill and I have absolutely no idea why. It just does. I cannot listen to it. As a result, the version I’m posting here might not even be right, I can’t tell for sure because I cannot listen to it, so apologies if it’s a duff version! I also hate the video, so I only watched a few seconds on silent to try to make sure it was the right one!

The second one is Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. I once got  a part-time Christmas job working in The Sweater Shop in the Argyll Centre near Edinburgh. They had one Christmas CD which played on repeat all day. one day the CD player got stuck on repeat and played this song over and over and over again. For nearly two hours. I never even made it to my lunch break. I marched into the manager’s office and told her I couldn’t work under such torturous conditions, handed her my badge and said I wouldn’t be back. I never set foot in another of their stores. And now they’re out of business. Now , I’m not saying they went bust because I quit, but I like to think it was karmic payback. I mean, i was actually reduced to tears that day! As a result, this is another song I can’t listen to and so this might be a duff version I’ve posted, but here goes.

So, those are the songs that make my ears bleed and my brain explode in horror. Please don’t ask me to listen to them – I might have to kill you to escape!

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  1. Please can you delete my posts, Kell.

  2. Thanks – I followed the link from FB and didn’t realise I was meant to post it on Dale’s Blog!

  3. Oh! I had and then thought I’d got it wrong!!

    Mine was O Superman! Ugh.