Tuesday Tunes – “Front of the Queue”

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Front Of The Queue
This week the aim is to tell everyone who you think deserves to be at the top of a “frontman/woman” list.

Well, Dale has already stolen my automatic first choice of Freddie Mercury, so I’ve had to think of another. Then I figured, why not take this as an opportunity to let everyone know about a front woman with an awesome voice; a woman who fronts a band who, when I mention them, everyone always says, “Who?”

So, my choice will be the fine vocal talents of singer-songwriter/bassist Johnette Napolitano, lead vocalist of Concrete Blonde.

The voice on this woman is absolutely wonderful. Deep, resonating, powerful, she reaches into your soul and rips it out of you when she opens her mouth to sing. I’ve never been lucky enough to see them live, but have listened to live recordings and she’s just as awesome live as in the studio.

As a special treat, I’ll leave you with the haunting Joey and the pounding Bloodletting – both from the Bloodletting album, which was released in 1990 and re-released in 2010 when the band reformed for a tour to celebrate the album’s 20th anniversary.


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