Foodie Fridays

Foodie Fridays is a weekly meme hosted by Diary of a Domestic Goddess.

The aim is to share a recipe or a favourite food each week so that everyone else can try it.

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This week, I thought I’d share a versatile base-recipe I use a lot. It makes a delicious pasta sauce as it is, or you can add some stock to it for a delicious soup which can be served hot or cold. After the recipe, just take a look at all the alternatives I came up with just off the top of my head (all tried and tested – I’m sure you can think of even more!) and tell me, is it not pretty much the most versatile recipe you’ve ever seen?

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Sauce / Soup
Serves 4-6 (approx 80 cals per portion for 4 portions /53 cals for 6 portions )

Ingredients (for sauce):

  • 400g cherry tomatoes
  • 2 large cloves garlic
  • 2 large red peppers
  • 4 shallots or 1 med-large onion
  • 1 tin plum tomatoes
  • Pinch basil

Additional (for soup):

  • 1 stock cube
  • 750 mls water

Directions (for sauce):

  1. Split the peppers in half length-ways and scoop out the seeds
  2. Peal the shallots or onion and cut in half
  3. Place the peppers and shallots / onions on a baking tray with the cherry tomatoes and two garlic cloves, spritz with a little low-cal spray oil, and roast in the oven at 230C for approx 30-35 minutes.
  4. Once the vegetables are roasted, squeeze the garlic out of its skin and pop in a pan with the rest of the roasted vegetables.
  5. Add the tin of plum tomatoes and use a hand blender to liquidize everything (you’re after a nice, smooth consistency).
  6. Add a pinch of basil and simmer till it reduces to the required consistency and serve with pasta.

Directions (for soup):

  1. As for sauce, but add stock cube and 750 mls water and a stock cube.


  • If you’re a big garlic fan, this recipe is equally delicious using an entire bulb of garlic – trust me!
  • Use a vegetable stock cube and this recipe is vegetarian/vegan.
  • The soup can also be served chilled as a starter for a summer meal – delicious!
  • Try serving the soup with a swirl of creme fraiche for a special treat. This will, of course, add to the calorie count.

Variations to try (these will all change the calorie content):

  • If you like chunky vegetables, you can add these to the sauce / soup after you’ve liquidized the basic ingredients. I often add sautéed mushrooms, courgette, onion/shallot and peppers to my sauce and it’s delicious!
  • Fry off some mince and add to the sauce for a delicious Bolognese sauce which can also be used in lasagna or cannelloni.
  • Try spreading it on a pizza base, then adding cheese and whatever toppings you fancy.
  • Add some mascarpone cheese for a delicious tomato and mascarpone sauce.
  • Add a little paprika and pour over chicken with some chorizo for a delicious Spanish meal.
  • Add some chilli powder, mince and kidney beans for Chili Con Carne.
  • Add some pasta, bacon and chunky veg to the soup for a lovely minestrone.
  • Add some curry powder and a swirl of natural yoghurt to the sauce for a delicious curry sauce. Add whatever meat and / or veg you fancy!

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