W… W… W… Wednesdays

WWW Wednesdays are hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading.To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

* What are you currently reading?
* What did you recently finish reading?
* What do you think you’ll read next?

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What are you currently reading?
G. P. Taylor – The Ghost Diamonds (Mariah Mundi 2)
I read the first book in this series and it was about average, but I thought I’d give the second one a chance to see if it improves, because the title character was quite interesting. Let’s see how it pans out…

What did you recently finish reading?
Malinda Lo – Ash
Ash is an enchanting and unusual retelling of the Cinderella story. It’s at once haunting and achingly beautiful, Malinda Lo has captured the well-known fairytale and transformed it into something completely original and surprising. The characters w all know and love from Cinderella are all present and correct, but there are some changes that mean you won’t expect all that will unfold.

Philip Pullman – The Shadow in the North (Sally Lockhart 2)
I didn’t enjoy this second Sally Lockhart book quite as much as the first one, but it was still good enough for me to want to continue with the series. Sally isn’t a particularly likeable character, but she softens a little during the course of this novel and I’ll be interested to see where things go from here.

What do you think you’ll read next?
Maria V. Snyder – Magic Study (Study 2)
I read the first book, Poison Study, two years ago after buying it on impulse when I saw it for £1 in a shop. It turned out to be a very good read, so I’m continuing with yet another series in the hopes that it will be another one I enjoy!


7 responses to “W… W… W… Wednesdays

  1. Ghost Diamonds has a really interesting cover. I’m intrigued.

    Here’s mine:

  2. These are all new to me. I wonder, do you enjoy series of books, more than a one-book writing? I am finding I have mixed feelings. Sometimes the one is enough. Other times, I like the characters enough, I could have stood another book or two with them in it.

    • I’m kind of 50/50. There are certain authors I collect, most have at least one series ,but many of them also have stand-alone books, and I have them all. I quite often read stand-alones which then get me into an author and I end up reading all their books including the series. It just so happens that on a recent trip to the public library, all the books I decided to take home were the first in various series by various authors and they were all good enough to warrant me continuing with the rest of them.

  3. These all sound like interesting books. Thanks for sharing.

    Here’s my WWW Wednesday

  4. I really like how you’ve presented your WWW today! Won’t you stop by?

  5. I didn’t realize there were so many G P Taylor books! I think I’ve read Wormwood, I’ll have to check some of the others! I love the Study books, I listed to them from Audible, and am looking forward to the glass series too!

    My WWW is here if you’d like to drop by.