Booking Through Thursday – Own or Borrow?

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All things being equal (money, space, etc), would you rather own copies of the books you read? Or borrow them?

I’m pretty much a 50/50 girl at the moment. I do own a lot of books, but not as many as I used to. Until very recent years,  I kept ALL my books. Understandably, this meant I ran out of space very quickly (bearing in mind I used to read, on average, 125 books each year). I started using the local library more often when I moved in with my husband, as we had less space and the library was right there on the corner of the street. I became so well-known there (because I was in there pretty much every other day!) that the librarians would keep new books back for me if they thought I’d be interested, as they knew I’d be in either later that day or the next at the very latest!

I started taking part in book exchanges and weeded out some of my older books that I no longer read to sell on Green Metropolis. I then used the money I got there to buy… more books!

As I type this, I currently have about fifty unread books on my shelves waiting for me to pick them up. Depending on how my mood takes me, I sometimes whittle them down a bit more and remove some from the shelves, but mostly I work my way through them when I fancy them.

I’m also using the library again, as I’ve started taking Xander to the Central Library every couple of weeks to choose some books. Of course, while I’m there, I can’t resist picking up some young adult books for myself. I took seven books home for my reading pleasure last week, and I’ve read three of them already.

Nowadays, when I’ve finished with a book I own, I let my sister take whichever ones she wants, and then pass the rest on to my old school library (which is also a public library), as it no longer has a budget for buying new books.  I spent a great deal of time n the library through my school years – it was a safe haven for me – so I’m happy I can help by supplying some books to add to their shelves. So far I’ve donated well over one hundred and there will be more!

So to go back and answer the original question – a bit of both! I collect some authors and always keep those, so I like to buy them (or get them as gifts!) in hardback, but the library is great for trying out new authors and genres with no monetary outlay. Hurrah for the library! And yes, I do occasionally borrow from my Mam and sister too…


11 responses to “Booking Through Thursday – Own or Borrow?

  1. Both for me too. Luckily this really isn’t a do or don’t situation 🙂

  2. I think I’m a bit of both, too, though I suppose I prefer to have and hold and lend than borrow and return.

  3. I do both, but borrowing prevails. My BTT post.

  4. I buy and keep all of my books so storage has become a bit of a problem. I can’t move in my room without knocking over a stack of books.

  5. I do selective hoarding NOW! I already own more than 2500 books!

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  6. Sometimes it’s easier to borrow than to purchase. If I love a book, though, I have to have it!!!

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  7. stop by to read your BTT answer. here is mine: http”//

  8. At one point I had over 4000 books in the house but I’ve managed to seriously declutter now and I only keep books by favourite authors, books that I particularly enjoyed and those books that I feel particularly fond of. I have, for instance, a beautiful book of fairy tales bought for me 50 years ago that I have no intention of parting with.
    I still buy books, but tend to just buy the ones that I know I’ll want to keep, or those that I’ll want to take away on holiday or the ones that are a bargain. Or ones that I can’t resist. Quite a lot then really…
    I do use the local library a lot now. It’s within walking distance, it’s got nice friendly staff, a great website/reservation system and best of all – it’s free 🙂
    Given the money & space though, I’d love my own personal library. That’d be my idea of bliss.

  9. Just wanted to say: Good for you for donating books to your old school library. I feel so bad when I hear about libraries closing (or like in that case, no funding for new books) – the library was such a life saver for me when I was a kid and without it, I wouldn’t be such a heavy duty reader. It’s such a pity that we have such screwed up priorities nowadays…

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