The Domestic Goddess Learns to Crochet

So, I decided to try learning a new craft. I learned to crochet a chain when I was a kid, and looped a few chains together in a circle when I was a kid (it was my very loose interpretation of a lacy skirt for a Sindy doll, if I remember correctly), but I never got any further than that, and haven’t picked up a crochet hook since I was about seven years old. With that in mind, I armed myself with some yarn, the only crochet hook I own, and some online tutorial videos.

The first video I found (for single crochet) was like a foreign language to me – i just couldn’t follow it, so perhaps a little strangely, I started with double crochet, after finding a video that made it seem completely logical. At first I found I had very wobbly sides, but by the third attempt, I think I pretty much nailed it by reducing the chain to two, rather than three stitches at the end of the row.

 I think I’m doing what is called double crochet in the UK, but it’s known as treble crochet in the US (although that might be the other way round, as the woman doing the demo was American).

Then I found a tutorial for single crochet by the same woman and it suddenly seemed to make a lot more sense, so I gave it another try. The edges were a lot straighter on this stitch, even from the first try, so I had a second go, just to gain a little confidence and make sure my tension was consistent. Im’ quite proud of the outcome!

In order to really get some confidence and make sure my tension is alright, I’ve decided to make a couple of wash cloths – one in single crochet, the other in double crochet – before moving on to other stitches and patterns.

I really enjoyed doing a bit of crochet and I’m looking forward to learning more and improving! And if you’re a crocheter (I know a few of my online crafty buddies are), I’d really appreciate your comments and advice on improving my technique and getting it to really look good…


4 responses to “The Domestic Goddess Learns to Crochet

  1. Looking good Kel! I’m hoping to teach myself to knit and crochet in the winter, so I’m glad to hear that it was pretty easy to pick up 🙂

  2. I started out at 19 learning the chain stitch from my husband who learned from his grandmother, got books and learned how to do the single, double, treble, popcorn stitch and granny square from them and in the intervening years have made pullover raglan sleeve sweaters, afghans, potholders baby clothes and booties, house shoes and stuffed toys… Crochet was my first craft, cross-stitch my second and they are both fun… Enjoy and hope you continue learning, not sure what kind of tips I could give you as I am still learning every time I pick up a pattern and work on it!

    • I love that your hubby crochets – I always love hearing of guys who do needlecrafts, as it usualy seems such a female-dominated pastime. It’s great that more men are coming out of the arts and crafts supply closet and brandishing their needles proudly, proving that manly men can stitch, knit and crochet too! 🙂