The Green-Fingered Goddess Goes Gardening…

Ever since we fenced in our bit of garden last autumn, I’ve wanted to do something with it, but we’re kind of limited as to what’s possible. I fancied planting veg out there, but the kids round here are notorious for nicking stuff (and the adults aren’t much better, really!), so we figured that if we planted veg in the garden, the crop we would see would amount to zero, as it would all have been taken by other folks before we got to it.

So I decided I wanted to plant some flowers, but what should I choose?

I have absolutely no gardening experience whatsoever, so it had to be plants that I could put in the ground and they’d pretty much look after themselves. I also wanted plants that would smell lovely, as I’m a very scent-driven person (as is Xander).  They also had to look pretty, as I love beautiful things (and Xander loves pretty flowers too).

The Olds were up this weekend and, as my Mam is a keen gardener, I asked for her advice and help in choosing a few plants for our little garden, which is on the east side of our building.

What I got was (planted left to right as we look onto the garden from our livingroom window) lavender, sage, thyme, dianthus, kalanchoe, rosemary and butterfly lavender. We also got some clematis montana to wind its way through the chain link fence on the left side of the garden. It will take a couple of years to really start stretching the full length, but I planted it half way down the garden and it should spread both ways.  Xan and I had  lovely time together digging the holes in the ground and watering out new plants!

And indoors, our beans and courgettes are doing very well. The beans are actually starting to flower and the courgettes are covered in flower buds too! The sweet peppers are still working hard in their original pot, and I hope they’ll be ready to move to a larger pot some time in the next couple of weeks.

Our tomatoes don’t seem to be doing so well, though. They seem to have stopped growing and aren’t looking as healthy I wish they would. And our strawberry plants are all still teeny-tiny, but I’m hoping they’ll get there eventually. Even if they do, though, I don’t think we’ll be getting much of a strawberry crop (if any at all) this year.


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