The Domestic Goddess Goes All-Out…

The olds (1)  are coming up to visit for the long weekend (2), so, as they’ll be arriving tomorrow around tea-time, today and tomorrow will be busy days. They’ll be even busier because I was working the last three days and we have plans tomorrow lunchtime with friends – phew! I’ve been kept on my toes with a hectic schedule…

So far today, I have:

  • Cleaned the bathroom
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Stripped the beds (Dale made them up again for me)
  • Gone into town to pay bills
  • Taken Xan on an outing to the airport (to watch the aeroplanes and helicopters) and to the woods (for a nice, tiring walk)
  • Made a batch of lemon burst cupcakes (3)
  • Made cheese scones in the oven to cook (4)

Today, I still have to:

  • Pop the spiced honey tea loaf in the oven (5)
  • Cook the potatoes and lightly fry the onions for the meat and potato pie (6)
  • Ice the cupcakes once they’re cool (with lemon buttercream frosting)
  • Do prep for our picnic tomorrow

Tomorrow, I will:

  • Vacuum the entire flat
  • Make the meat and potato pie
  • Go for a picnic and playdate with friends
  • Collapse in a heap just as The Olds arrive!

As I plan to make sushi for my picnic lunch tomorrow (7), I’ll probably  do that tonight too, to save me doing it in the morning. I’m pretty certain that I’m forgetting some things that desperately need to be done, but no doubt I’ll remember at the last second and almost give myself a stroke when I realise everyone will arrive in five minutes and the job will take half an hour at least.

I think I deserve to sit and watch a film while I do some stitching this evening, and put my feet up with a nice, hot cup of tea.

Sometimes it’s hard work being a Domestic Goddess!

(1) My Mam and Step-Dad.
(2) Because of the Royal Wedding, we have a four-day weekend and they thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of it.
(3) These are now cooling.
(4) These are currently baking.
(5) I made the tea this morning and soaked the dried mixed fruit all day so I just had to add the rest of the ingredients.
(6) The potatoes are now in the steamer and I’ll fry up the onions once they’re almost done.
(7) Every now and then I just really, really fancy having sushi! I don’t like it with raw fish, though, so I use tinned tuna and vegetables instead…


4 responses to “The Domestic Goddess Goes All-Out…

  1. Fun Family Activities

    Excellent post thanks for sharing. Being with family is something I truly enjoy. Reading your blog is another thanks again.

  2. The cupcakes sound nice. Now, where does sleep fit into all this?