More Planting…

Our little collection of home-grown goodness is growing! Our tomatoes, which we planted on 16th March, are growing well, and the herbs are sprouting up beautifully. The strawberry seeds we planted at the same time, however, haven’t taken, so today we planted two new large pots of strawberries. While we were at it, we also planted some courgette seeds, so we’ll see how they come along.

Our biggest success, though, is the beans! We planted them on 26th March and they have shot up! The other night, the tallest shoot was about 1.5 inches, but by this morning when we checked, it had grown to almost 6 inches tall – we couldn’t believe it!

I think that, next weekend, we’ll move the tomatoes and beans into the large window planter I got last year when I joined the One Pot Pledge. By then I hope we’ll see some sweet pepper and strawberry shoots ni their pots too – fingers crossed!


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