First Spring Planting…

I’ve always fancied growing my own fruit and veg, but seeing as how we live in an area where the young’uns run wild and pull everything up out of gardens, it seems pointless to try planting in our small patch of green.

However, when I was at Asda at the weekend, I spotted some tiny pot kits  for growing strawberries and tomatoes that are only £1 so I bought one of each for Xan. I also got a herb planter kit for Xmas and I felt it was time to get everything started, so just after lunch today, Xan and I planted our first lot of strawberries, tomatoes, basil, coriander, chives and parsley, and got lovely and messy doing it! They’ll be growing on our kitchen windowsill.

So, we should have strawberries and tomatoes from around late June to early August and the herbs should be ready for use around the same kind of time, I think. Now, I don’t exactly have green fingers, but I think it’s an important lesson for Xan to learn about where our food comes from and to be able to enjoy eating some food he’s helped plant and nurture.

I might even buy a few more of the strawberry and tomato pots next Sunday when we do out shopping, as last year I won an indoor window planter and I’ve not used it yet! It would be great to fill it with my own sweet soft fruits! And think of the money we’ll save picking my own, fresh from the planters, instead of forking out at the supermarket! It’s all added incentive to look after them… I can hardly wait!

4 responses to “First Spring Planting…

  1. I love herb planters. I have one that the mint in my garden has dominated! Nice blog 🙂

  2. 🙂 Grinning, my friend that lives in big town Oklahoma had the same problem.
    He printed up a few pictures of an alligator and added the caption, Beware of Guard Alligator, It Will Bite!
    Posted them on all 4 sides of his garden and the kids soon abandoned their bad habit of going into his garden.

    Good luck
    Happy gardening

  3. What a wonderful idea. I have a yard that is perfect East/West, that I would love to get a garden started. These sound like a great way to get started on something for this year.

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