Stitchy Saturdays – Sin Samplers

Each Saturday, I will feature either something I’m currently stitching, something I’ve just finished stitching, or something I’ve just designed. I hope you’ll all join me in displaying some of your own work and leaving a link to your post in the comments below.

I’ve been working on another batch of subversive sampler designs, this time based around the Seven Deadly Sins. The font remains the same and although all the borders are subtly different, they are all based around the same swirly shape, so they could be stitched as a set…

Design: Sins – Envy
Size: 105w x 77h
Make everyone turn green with envy by stitching this little sampler and displaying it prominently. This would look lovely stitched in a rich emerald-green, perhaps even in rayon or satin to give it extra shine…

Design: Sins – Greed
Size: 141w x 87h
Gordon Gekko said it best, “Greed is good!”. Alright, the original sin is actually “avarice”, but I liked “greed” better. Stitch in metallic gold thread for some real bling!

Design: Sins – Lust
Size: 131w x 79h
I think this Lust Sampler would look great stitched in hot pink, perhaps in a variegated floss to give a whole array of lustful shades. Get the object of your desire all hot under the collar by stitching this for them…

Design: Sins – Pride
Size: 131w x 81h
If Pride is your sin, then this purple piece is for you! Compete with little crown motifs all around the border, this sampler will look great in a regal shade, stitched in softly shimmering silk.

Design: Sins – Wrath
Size: 145w x 73h
If little things get your blood boiling, then sublimate your rage by stitching Wrath in brick-red and displaying it as a warning to others not to get on your last nerve!

And if you’re wondering “Where are Gluttony and Sloth?”, well I’ve been stuffing my face with chocolates whilst lazing on the sofa, but I promise they’re coming very soon to complete the set. And after all this sinfulness, I may decide to be a good girl for a while and chart some designs for the virtues too…


4 responses to “Stitchy Saturdays – Sin Samplers

  1. They are all great. You are very talented at designing.

  2. I love the font you used on these designs