Booking Through Thursday – Resolutions

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Any New Year’s reading resolutions?


I’m taking part in the What’s in a Name? reading challenge this year. It’s only six books with six different themes, but it sounds like a lot of fun (half the fun is actually in deciding which books fit the categories!).

I also plan to read 52 books over the course of the year – one for each week. This is a challenge as I don’t have all that much reading time these days. It’s a lot less than I used to read (I used to average 125 books per year), but it’s a manageable number (I read 58 last year) and it means I keep myself focussed and actually do some reading each week!


3 responses to “Booking Through Thursday – Resolutions

  1. I’ve not taken up any challenges this year. I may have to look into the one you mentioned. 🙂

  2. I like the idea of one book a week. That’s a very reasonable number.