Crazy January Challenge Starts Today!

The Crazy January Challenge 2011 starts today!

As I only get stitching time in the evenings, my total amount of stitching will vary each day, but I promise I’ll get at least a few stitches done to start each of my fifteen projects and post regular updates until they’re all finished.

Come back tonight to see how I got on with my first project – the Snowflake Bookmark.

Wish me luck!


6 responses to “Crazy January Challenge Starts Today!

  1. Good luck! What are you stitching today?

  2. Happy New Year and Happy Stitching this evening!!

  3. Good luck with the challenge! I am looking forward to dinner being over and being able to hunker down and stitch. Happy new year to you & yours!

    • Me too – I have to wait till my little’un goes to bed, so it’ll be after 7.30pm before I get to even think about picking up my needle – LOL! Good luck with yout challenge too. 🙂