Crazy January Challenge 2011

I must be crazy to sign up to such a challenge, but I have. I have just promised to start stitching a new piece every day for the first fifteen days of January 2011. The challenge then is to complete them all by the end of the year.

I’ve decided to be rather narcissistic and stitch fifteen of my own designs as all my charts are created for my own pleasure and I would never present them for others if I didn’t like them myself. You can see my list of choices HERE.

I’ll be posting each of the first 15 days and then regularly to show my progress on each of the pieces throughout the year – I think I may appoint one of my Stitchy Saturdays each month as a Challenge Update day.

Right, now I have to go and sort out all my stash so I know what I’m using for each project. Gotta set up project bags for each too…

So, wish me luck!



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