Foto Friday

What is Foto Friday?
It’s a weekly meme hosted by me.
How do I take part?
Easy – you post a picture and tell everyone the following:
* What / who is in this photo?
* When / where was this photo taken?
* Why you love this photo.
Then you just leave a comment here linking back to your blog entry. Simple!

What / who is in this photo?
Dale (my hubby) and me. You can also see the top of a couple of heads – my Grom (left) and my cousin Roy (right), and my sister, Leni’s hand  (right) throwing confetti. We’re seen through the crowd…

When / where was this photo taken?
Our wedding day (1st August 2003), arriving back at The Palm Court Hotel after having our photos taken at the Cruickshank Botanical Gardens.

Why you love this photo.
I don’t usually like photographs of myself, but I love this candid shot of us both with the confetti flying everywhere and the sun on our faces. We both look so happy (and we were – and still are!). It’s actually one of my very favourite wedding pictures from our album and it wasn’t one of the official ones by the photographer (I think was actaully my Mam who took this one). It’s a reminder of just how much fun we had at our wedding.


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