Soapbox Tuesdays – Christmas Commercialism

Christmas comes but once a year, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was more than just one day – more like several months!

I am not remotely religious and do not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. For me, it’s about spending time with friends and family, exchanging a few gifts and having a nice meal together. I’ll be honest; I love giving and getting gifts (who doesn’t?), but I’m certain I can’t be the only one who feels rather jaded by the tim ethe Bog Day rolls around.

The reason for this is the early promotion of all things Christmas.

I remember reading months ago that one store (I believe it was Harrods) had put up a Christmas display IN AUGUST. Forgive me if I sound a bit Scroogey, but August? That’s four months before Christmas. That’s still the summer. The kids are all still on their long holiday from school. Who wants to be thinking about Christmas in August?

A friend of mine posted on Facebook the other day that it must be Christmas because she’d just seen the Christmas Coca Cola advert on the television. My American friends haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet, but here in the UK, it’s Christmas already.

Personally, I don’t think any Christmas-related products should be sold in shops before 1st December. No Christmas compilation albums being pumped through the sound systems until we’ve entered the twelfth month of the year. No Christmas trees up; no decorations; no crackers or bells; no stockings, cards or gift-wrap before November is out.

I once quit a job at The Sweater Shop because of Christmas music. The CD got stuck on the same song (Christmas Rapping by The Waitresses) for the best part of an hour and it literally drove me nuts. I handed in my name tag and told the manager I was leaving, never to return. It was still November and I had been hired for the festive season. I will never be able to set foot in another Sweater Shop as long as I live. I think the company is no more, so, thankfully, I’ll never have to face that possibility. I also still feel physically ill whenever I hear that song.

I feel sick when I see Christmas being promoted even before we’ve reached Halloween. But then, I’ve noticed they start getting in the Valentine’s Day Cards and Easter Eggs as soon as Christmas is over too.

Please, can’t we just have a shorter run-up to the holiday season so we don’t all get Christmassed out and turn into humbugs?

I’d be interested in hearing your point of view, whether you agree or disagree. Please leave a comment below and, if you post on your own blog, please leave a link to your Soapbox Tuesdays post!


2 responses to “Soapbox Tuesdays – Christmas Commercialism

  1. I think, for the US anyway, right after or maybe the week of Thanksgiving is good since the Friday after is Black Friday (when everything goes on sale for Christmas shopping). I think it is stupid to put up Christmas stuff before Halloween. However, the local grocery put out a lot of their Christmas stuff right after Halloween and I am grateful…they tend to have Snoopy items like plates and cups and I collect them. Wait too long and you don’t get them! LOL

  2. I completely agree with you! I’m not Christian so the holiday holds no religious significance to me. However, I did enjoy the holiday when I was younger. Of course it is easy to when you don’t have kids and financial responsibilities. Now that I have a family of my own I have grown to really(and I mean REALLY) hate the holiday. Most people get meaner, instead of full of good will and life becomes hell. No Christmas until December! Can we form a petition for that? 😉