Foto Friday

What is Foto Friday?
It’s a weekly meme hosted by me.
How do I take part?
Easy – you post a picture and tell everyone the following:
* What / who is in this photo?
* When / where was this photo taken?
* Why you love this photo.
Then you just leave a comment here linking back to your blog entry. Simple!

1. Sushi – ready to roll!
Nori, rice, tuna with a squeeze of lemon and some cracked black pepper, and very finely sliced carrot.

2. Sushi – rolled
My first roll was tighter than the second one and worked out better. Beginner’s luck, perhaps?

3. Sushi – served
With soy sauce, wasabi paste and sushi ginger.

What / who is in this photo?
My first attempt at making sushi from scratch

When / where was this photo taken?
Yesterday (11/11/10) in my kitchen

Why you love this photo.
I’ve only recently begun to enjoy sushi (although I’ll freely admit I avoid the raw fish ones, opting instead for vegetarian or tuna instead) and decided to have a try making it myself.

I got a “sushi for two” kit from a supermarket and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make sushi at home. I used tuna and carrot in mine and I’m pleased to say it was delicious. Even Xander (my two-year-old son) ate some and declared it yummy. His favourite part was the sushi ginger – he gobbled up a fair bit of that.

The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the wasabi. I finally got up the guts to taste it and won’t be having it again, but everything else was lovely. And yes, I ate it with chopsticks – I always do!

So these photographs will always remind me that things can be a lot simpler than they seem and that I am quite capable of making sushi myself, which is always nice.






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