Stitchy Saturday – Door Plaque

Each Saturday, I will feature either something I’m currently stitching, something I’ve just finished stitching, or something I’ve just designed. I hope you’ll all join me in displaying some of your own work and leaving a link to your post in the comments below.

This week, as it was my sister’s birthday on Thursday, I thought I’d show you the door plaque I stitched for her daughter, my niece. Aimee is the sunniest, brightest little girl, so I thought a rainbow would suit her perfectly, and this design* had the added bonus of having a couple of stars in it too (yes, she’s a total star!). I didn’t want to go with anything too little-girl-ish, and hope this design will suit her for many years to come.

It’s stitched on 32-count Jobelan from Polstitches in Rustic Rhubarb – unfortunately the colours don’t really show up well in the photo – which has swirls of pink and gold through it. I used various flosses for the design, but the name is stitched in Belle Soie variegated silk for added softness.

So, what have you been stitching this week? Please leave a comment and link back to your own Stitchy Saturdays post!


* The rainbow chart was a freebie (I just added the name underneath), but I can’t remember where I got it, so if you know, please leave a comment to tell me so I can give credit! Thanks. 🙂


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