Movie Mondays – Fun with Xander

This is the start of Movie Mondays!

Every Monday I’ll post about a movie I’ve seen (whether  recently or some time ago), or a video I’ve shot myself (perhaps even more than one!). I hope you’ll all join in and post a comment with a link back to your own Movie Mondays posts.

This week I thought I’d share a couple of videos of my son, Xander, having fun in the park this past weekend. Up until now, he’s refused point-blank to do anything other than run round and round the park – he wouldn’t go down the slide, or on the swings, roundabout or seesaw – nothing. Then, suddenly he decided he’d give them a try after all – all on the same day! I shot a couple of videos of him having some fun on the swings and roundabout.

Once we were home again, Xander decided to go and find a pair of my high-heeled stiletto shoes and parade around in them. He actually managed quite well in them, and although I only managed to film for a moment (he kept grabbing for the camera so he could have a look), he continued playing in my shoes for a while afterwards, picking up quite a speed. I think I may have the next Eddie Izzard on my hands!

I hope you enjoyed my little videos of Xander and will leave a comment with a link to your own Movie Mondays post. 🙂



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