Foto Friday

What is Foto Friday?
It’s a weekly meme hosted by me.
How do I take part?
Easy – you post a picture and tell everyone the following:
* What / who is in this photo?
* When / where was this photo taken?
* Why you love this photo.
Then you just leave a comment here linking back to your blog entry. Simple!

What / who is in this picture?
This is my son, Xander, who is two years old, playing in Mummy and Daddy’s bed with Boris, his stuffed dog.

When / where was this photo taken?
On the morning of 10th October 2010 in my bedroom.

Why I love this photo:
Like his Mummy, Xander doesn’t usually like having his photo taken, but on this occasion, he actually said, “Mummy, picture!” and posed for me without my asking. He immediately wanted to see the photo (which I’d taken on my mobile phone) and said, “Good one!”

We must have played for more than half an hour, hiding under the covers, playing peek-a-boo and pretending we were camping (with the duvet as our tent) and tickling each other, generally having a great time. It was a lovely morning. 🙂


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