10 Awesome Things

#10 – A night of TV all by yourself
You get to hog the remote and watch whatever you want, wether it be gritty crime shows, genteel historical dramas, girlie soaps or dumb comedies – you get to choose and you don’t have to put up with someone else complaining that they want to watch something else, or asking “So, what’s happening? Who’s that? What are they doing?” You can also curl up on the sofa in your favourite cosy jim-jams, and that’s always good!

#9 – Soaking in a hot bubblebath with a good book
Filling that tub up as far as you can without it spilling over when you get in there, bubbles right up to your nose, a book you can really get into, and an undisturbed hour to read it whilst continually topping up the hot water.

#8 – Finding money you forgot you had
Slipping on a jacket you haven’t worn in ages, putting your hand into the pocket and… oh my, what’s this? Can it really be a £10? Where did that come from? Suddenly there’s a smile on your face and £10 you didn’t know you had, so you can spend it on something frivolous and not feel at all guilty. I once found my old money clip with £100 that I had put in there for my birthday night out some 9 months before. I hadn’t spent any of it as my companions had insisted on treating me all night. Finding that cash was like getting a second birthday!

#7 – Realising the marks on your bathroom scales each represent TWO pounds
You step on the scales and rejoice that you’ve dropped a few pounds, then realise you’ve actually lost twice as much as you thought you had. This recently happened to me and it had me walking on air for the rest of the day.

#6 – Finding out your favourite shows have been commissioned for another season
Anxiously waiting to find out if the shows we love are coming back in the autumn is a nail-biting experience in our house, as we only watch a handful, so when we find out they’re definitely going ahead with another season, it’s cause for major celebration!

#5 – Waking up completely refreshed
You work hard all day, your head sinks into your pillow and WHAM! You’re out like a light. You sleep like the dead all night long and wake up feeling brand new! This very rarely happens to me, but when it does, its completely awesome and I feel like I can accomplish anything!

#4 – Getting an unexpected package in the post
You ordered something ages ago as a treat for yourself. It was out of stock and you got a message saying they would send it to you as soon as it was available. Life got in the way and you completely forgot about it. Then one day a package arrives and you haven’t a clue what it is. You open the box and there it is, like a gift-for-no-particular-reason from a good friend.

#3 – Getting a letter from a friend
In this fast-paced digital age,we have so many methods of communication – telephones, e-mail, text messages, instant messaging, Skype – there’s no longer any need to wait. But there’s something special about getting a nice letter. There’s something about the time it takes to write it, to go out and buy a stamp and post it – it sends a message that is more than just the words contained therein – it says,”I care enough to make a special effort for you.”

#2 – Hearing your favourite song on the radio
You’re driving along, or sitting in your office, or having a coffee with a friend and then that song you’ve always loved comes on the radio. It makes you feel great inside, makes you want to get up and dance and sing along. It’s an unexpected joy – doubled if it was requested by someone and dedicated to you.

#1 – Being woken with a kiss
Especially if it’s from a gorgeous little boy, aged two, who says in a his sing-song voice, “Wakey-wakey, Mummy! Up time! I love you!” and gives you a big grin too. It really sets you up for the day!


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  1. All awesome things, especially 1 🙂