The Postman Always Rings Twice – But Not Around Here!

My hubby is a Postie.

My sister is a Postie.

They are both very diligent and good at their jobs. I wish I could say the same about the Postie that delivers to us!

A little while back, I had to call the Postie back after he’d automatically stuck a card through the door saying he was unable to post a package and I could collect it the next day from the depot.

We were in at the time with the livingroom door open. We would have heard if he’d even just tapped lightly on the door. He complained that I hadn’t answered the door and that he’d knocked twice – he wasn’t counting on us having Little Mr Bat Ears (and me with equal bat-sense). On that occasion, he came back and I got my package.

On Friday, while I was out with Xander, our Postie came unusually early and there was another card left. This time, however, I have to wait till MONDAY to collect it. Now, I know the depot isn’t open on a Sunday, so if the attempted delivery had been on Saturday, I could understand having to wait till Monday to collect it, but the depot is open on a Saturday, so surely I should be able to collect it then? The depot in question is literally around the corner from our flat – I can walk there in 5 minutes.

On top of that, I know what the package is. It’s my new treat to myself – a beginners’ quilling kit I spotted online that appealed to my crafty side. I had vouchers for Amazon and thought it would be fun to try it, so I spent them on myself for once and I was really hoping to be able to try it out this weekend. Now I’ll have to wait even longer!

Oh, how I wish our Postie was a good and diligent as some others I know personally!


2 responses to “The Postman Always Rings Twice – But Not Around Here!

  1. Grrrrr that would really annoy me too! I have a great postie. He comes in all weather and if your not in and have a letter that needs signed for he just signs it. I’m working all week so really appreciate it.

  2. That is very annoying! especially when you are expecting your lovely quilling set, our previous postie was not as bad as yours, he put our post through the wrong door, we got the post for the person who he had delivered our post to (we didn’t have a similar name or address) and let’s not forget, his epic surliness! 😀 Our new postie is always cheery and friendly 🙂

    And kudos to your husband and your sister, its great to know that there are ace posties out there 🙂