I don’t watch much TV, but…

It’s true, I don’t actually watch all that much TV, but there are certain shows I hate to miss because I love them so much. In fact, they’re so high on my “hit-list” that I can’t even wait for them to come to UK terrestrial TV, or even to UK Sky channels, and instead keep up to date with the American schedules. So, which shows can’t I stand missing? I shall tell you…

1. True Blood
There’s something damned sexy about vampires: The blood, the power, even the ones that look hideous have something compelling about them. And when it comes to vampires, who could possibly resist a 6′ 4″ blonde Viking hunk? Yes, I’m hot for Eric! It also helps that I love the books and am up to date with them too. Season 3 finished just last month and already I’m gagging for a fix! I’m sure I’m not the only one hoping that season 4 sticks pretty closely to the storyline of the fourth book, as there would be a lot of naked Eric and, of course, that wonderful shower scene. (If you’ve read the books, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t read the books, what are you waiting for?)

2. Desperate Housewives
I am not a girlie-girl and I do not watch soaps, but I am completely addicted to watching the unfolding sagas of the inhabitants of Wisteria Lane. There’s passion, intrigue, and neighbourly bickering, and of course, there are the sexiest housewives ever seen on any screen! Who wouldn’t want the perfect-looking home of Bree Hodges (formerly Van de Kamp)? Who wouldn’t want the adoring husband of Lynette Scavo (and yes, Tom is rather hunky, to be honest!)? Who wouldn’t want the bank balance of Gabrielle Solise? And who wouldn’t want… actually, I don’t think anyone would want to be as clumsily accident-prone as Susan Delfino, but she’s so sweet you can’t help but love her! The friendships that are made and broken on the Lane are compulsive viewing.

I’ll freely admit I have a bit of a crush on both McGeek and Very Special Agent Tony Dinozzo, but at heart, I’m a Gibbs girl! Yes, he’s a good deal older than me, but he’s a total silver fox! And then there’s Ziva – foxy and deadly! Not forgetting the wonderful Abby – she’s actually my favourite character – and Ducky. I don’t care that I have absolutely no interest in any of the armed forces, let alone the US Navy, but the NCIS team are all about solving crimes that involve serving personnel and it’s top-notch TV.

4. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
I did watch the first season of the Miami series, and tried to watch the New York one too, but they can’t hold a candle to the original and best CSI in Las Vegas. The bright lights, the vice, the gruesome crimes – even after the loss of Warwick (for whom I had the MAJOR hots) and Grissom (who was the heart and soul of the team, as well as their leader), I keep tuning in. Not even the return of Sara Sidle (who I can’t stand!) could put me off.I just keep hoping she’ll get killed off or leave for good some time soon.

5. Castle
This has three major things going for it; 1) great crime; 2) great humour; and 3) Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle. And if you include the fantastic chemistry between him and Stana Katic as Beckett, you have another reason to watch. Yes, it’s packed with cheesy one-liners, but both the story arcs and the individual episode plots are very, very good, and the joke-cracking is all part of the character of Castle and his relationship with Detective Beckett, so it works! This is actually my favourite show at the moment!

6. The Mentalist
When you have the suave, charming Simon Baker playing an ex-fake mentalist who used to pretend to contact the dead on the showbiz circuit and who now works with the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation) as a consultant, using his amazing powers of observation and persuasion to solve crimes, you have a sure-fire hit! Not even the dubious acting abilities of Robin Tunney as Agent Lisbon can spoil this show. The Red John angle has dragged on just a tad, but if they can move past that during the course of this season, it will continue to be an unmissable show!

7. Lie To Me
I have always thought Tim Roth to be a very fine actor, but I cannot imagine any actor who would be more perfectly suited to playing the spiky and provocative Cal Lightman. It’s always fantastic to get a cleverly written crime drama (which this is), but it’s made even better by including the study of how people lie and what “tells” they have – seeing how people betray their true emotions, even when they think they have them deeply hidden, is superb!

8. Criminal Minds
Even after the wonderful Mandy Patinkin left, this show kept right on top of the game by introducing the fantastic Joe Mantegna! Delving into the minds of those who commit the most heinous crimes, finding out what drives them and how they think, and using that to profile and catch killers by using their own tendencies against them is thrilling and this show has it pitched perfectly It never condescends to the viewer and always assumes that one is intelligent enough to understand everything the team does.

So there you have it – eight shows I cannot miss and mourn between seasons. If and when any of them are cancelled, I will be totally gutted!

Incidentally, I’m always on the look-out for more shows to add to my “Must See” list in case any of these bite the dust. It’s always good to hold something in reserve to watch between seasons!


4 responses to “I don’t watch much TV, but…

  1. Don’t know if you’ve seen Fringe but I think its great (the 3rd season begins on sky 1 tonight). Highly recommend it!

  2. We did watch the first few episodes, but decided it looked too much like X-Files.

    Incidenatlly, we have never watched and never plan to watch Lost, and we tried Dexter, but found it far too obvious.

    Any others?

  3. Know what you mean about Fringe but it gets better towards end of 1st season, its more about a parallel world. Now that I’ve managed to overcome Hugh Lauries accent I’m enjoying house! However, there’s not too much on at the moment though other than Wallander or the Inbetweeners. Like you I’m really looking forward to True Blood 3 and Haven which was recommended to me. One I would recommend which is on DVD is a tv series ‘Afterlife’ fantastic I think I watched about 4 episodes at a time gripping stories.

  4. Wallander sounds quite good, but only has 6 episodes to occupy me – that’s, like, 2-3 night’s viewing material.

    House I’m not bothered about at all – not really into medical-related dramas at all.

    Never been tempted by The Inbetweeners – doesn’t look like my brand of humour at all. The trailers haven’t even raised a smile from me when I’ve seen them.

    Haven sounds like it could be interesting.

    Afterlife seems to be a cross between The Ghost Whisperer and Medium, but was cancelled after just 2 seasons. I got very tired very quickly of both TGW and Medium, though, so I don’t think that Afterlife would be for me.

    Two there for me to think about though – thanks for that! 🙂