Cross Stitched Bookmarks Exchange

Group: Cross Stitch Forum
Exchange: Cross Stitched Bookmarks
Design: Scalloped Bookmark – Kincavel Krosses
Stitched by: Me!
Sent to: Faith Allaire, Gales Ferry, Connecticut, USA
Information: Stitched on brown 14-count perforated paper in Anchor 1335 variegated floss with pink seed beads. Backed with white self-adhesive felt and finished with a multi-coloured tassel made with the same floss.

The aim of the exchange was to create bookmarks that weren’t strictly rectangular, so I stitched this piece on perforated paper so I could cut the scalloped shape around the stitching, It was fiddly, but I thought the end result was quite pretty. The only change I would make if I were doing it again would be to use a dark-coloured perforated paper (perhaps navy or black) to make the colour of the floss stand out more. It looks brighter when you see it for real, but it doesn’t really show in the photographs.

Group: Cross Stitch Forum
Exchange: Cross Stitched Bookmarks
Design: ?
Stitched by: Kute Kitty
Sent to: Me!
Information: Stitched on white 18-count aida, backed with interfacing and finished with a tiny scissors charm.

I love the quote on this bookmark, and as I have two huge bookcases filled with books and still more overflowing in piles around my home, it’s particularly fitting! The cover of the book (which is stitched in a terracotta colour) is edged with gold metallic thread to add a little extra sparkle. I love it!


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