Birthday ATCs

Thank you to everyone from the Cross Stitch ATCs Facebook Group who sent me an ATC for my birthday!

Cat in a flowery hat
From Gillian Gould, Ontario, Canada
This cute kitty is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

3-tier cake
From Teri Sandoval-Blake, Longview, Texas, USA
A sumptuous-looking cake with orders to eat it? Just the excuse I need on my birthday!

Subversive cake with K
From Annette N, Utah, USA
My fellow “subversive stitcher” across the pond was desperately awaiting my birthday so she could stitch a rude message, knowing full well just how much I’d appreciate it!

Sea Aster
From Karen Beaton, Melton, Australia
This is the birth flower for the month of September and so pretty!

Pink flower
From Emma Rowlett, Telford, UK
Such a fresh and pretty design, finished with a satin ribbon and sparkly gems

Ice cream sundae with cherries
From Angie Emerson, Leroy, MN, USA
Perfect birthday fare – and don’t those sparkly cherries look fantastic?

Dress, bag and shoe
From Lynn Stevens, London, UK
The perfect girlie outfit for a birthday night out.

Birthday Drinkies
From Monique (Mojoel1974)
Some colourful cocktails to enjoy.

Strawberry Scone
Gowri Shanthikumar, Dubai, UAE
A gorgeous little strawbery cream scone. I love the strawberry ribbon edging it.

Birthday Cupcake
Laura Borst, Whitburn, UK
Adorable little birthday cupcake. Love that little cupcake brad too.

Blackwork birthday
From Jaki Young, Kilmarnock, Scotland
I love the simplicity and elegance of this beautiful blackwork design.


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