Hallowe’en Biscornu Exchange

Group: Cross Stitch Forum
Theme: Hallowe’en
Stitched by: Me!
Sent to: Yvonne Summerscales (Pixxie), Exeter, UK
Information: Stitched on 28-count evenweave (pale sage green and pale tangerine) in various threads with Debbie Cripps beads and leaf buttons in orange and green.

The design is made up of motifs taken from Donna Kooler’s 555 Fabulous Cross Stitch Patterns (pumpkin motif) and Blackwork Journey (cobweb/spider) which I arranged and changed to suit my needs (adding shading to the pumpkin and changing positions and omitting the fly from the spider motif), then adding beaded borders for extra bling.

Group: Cross Stitch Forum
Theme: Hallowe’en
Stitched by: Linda Hardy (Mauveme), Canada
Sent to: Me!
Information: Like me, Linda opted to use contrasting colours of fabric, this time using black and white aida (I think it’s 16-count) for the two sides of her biscornu. On the black side, there’s a merry little arrangement of skeletons and pumpkins finished off with a sweet little ghost button.  On the white side, Linda opted for spiders (great minds think alike!) with beads for eyes, and a cobweb in the centre, on which sits a pumpkin button. Linda also added my name and the year to this face.

My photographs really don’t do this biscornu justice – it’s SO gorgeous!

3 responses to “Hallowe’en Biscornu Exchange

  1. Just lovely, the designs and colours are so pretty, well done ! 🙂

  2. Any information on where to find the spider biscournu and cute pumpkin button? Thanks! emmi5ca at yahoo dot com