Hair Trauma…

… No, not for me, but for Xander.

We decided to take Xan for his first ever haircut. I would have left it till he went to school, but it was getting in his eyes and annoying him, so I had to bite the bullet and admit it was time to trim his lovely locks.

So I booked him into our local hairdresser’s for a cut this morning and Dale and I took him for a little walk before heading to the salon, Now, I’ve been trying to prepare him for this eventuality by taking him into the salon every now and then, but he has hated it and cried every time. This time, as soon as we got to the corner that leads to the salon, he dragged his heals and started shouting, “No! Please, Mummy, Daddy, no!” We had to carry him into the place.

He cried non-stop and clung to hubby while we waited the few minutes for our turn (a little old lady was getting a trim). When Xan was called, he refused to sit in the special little seat and I had to sit him on my knee. He spent the entire time apparently trying to climb through me in attempt to avoid the scissors.

Throughout his ordeal, he sobbed and cried, saying, “Home, please! Walky-walk home, Mummy! Nap in bed!” Anything to get out of that place.

As a result, his hair is a tiny tad wonky and I’m going to have to try and fix it while he sleeps over the next few days. I also plan to snip a lock to keep while he naps this afternoon.

He must have forgiven us, because the moment we left the salon, he calmed down and accepted a couple of chocolate buttons (he’d refused them in the salon!) and gave us hugs and kisses. I made a pizza from scratch for lunch to make it all up to him.

I’ve now resolved to buy a hair-cutting kit and trim his hair myself from now on, rather than subject him to such torment again – he really was getting hysterical near the end. So, I’m going to have to learn to cut hair – and fast!

Oh, and no, no photos of Xan till I’ve straightened up his hair a bit!


2 responses to “Hair Trauma…

  1. Hahaha I was going to ask for photos but you beat me to it!

    Poor little chap, I feel his pain. I’d react the same if anyone tried to drag me into a salon even now! XD

  2. When Babyhead was about 1yr I had to cut his hair because it was in his eyes. I did it the easy way and just bought a set of child’s clippers and buzzed his head. His hair is soo thick and goes in so many different directions that a buzz cut is really the only thing I can do.

    Right before school he had the option of getting it cut with his dad but he said he would rather me do it. lol When he is older he can have whatever hair he wants though…I don’t care what kind of hair he has it was just easier for me to buzz it.