Cards for Cancer Research UK Charity

My handful of cards for Cancer Research UK fundraising

One of the wonderful women at Cross Stitch Forum is raising money for Cancer Research UK by taking part in the Relay For Life, but on top of running as part of a team, she plans to sell cross stitched cards to raise more cash for this worthy cause.

It’s a bit of an “emergency call” for cards to come in quickly, as she has to have the cards by the end of June. As a result, I decided to give the few cards I had very recently stitched to stockpile for various occasions. Hopefully I’ll get a few moments to stitch another couple of cards, but in the meantime, I have five to hand which I can send on to her (I’ve never been so pleased to have ready-stitched cards!).

If any other stitchers out there would also like to stitch a card or two to be sold to raise money for this very worthy cause, please come along to the forum and post in the thread about it – I’m sure that any extra cards would be greatly appreciated.


3 responses to “Cards for Cancer Research UK Charity

  1. Those cards are wonderful!

  2. Thank you. 🙂 I’m stitching a few more designs to send to her to be made into cards too.

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