Two ATCs Received

The ATCs I received in the May Exchange

I have received both my May Exchange ATCs via the Facebook Cross Stitch ATCs Group!

Theme #1 was The Letter C – we could choose any font we liked so long as it was the letter C. I received this beautiful cross stitched Celtic C surrounded by various other “C” stickers from Dyah Baiton, who lives in Sydney, Australia. So appropriate to have a Celtic theme for someone in Scotland (I’m in Aberdeen), and sent to me from the other side of the world!

Theme #2 was Oriental – we could choose anything so long as it had an Oriental flair. This cute little Geisha is actually a design I considered stitching for the ATC I sent out on this theme, so imagine my surprise and delight when I received this from Lorraine Grimshaw, in Swansea, Wales!

So I now have two more gorgeous ATCs to add to my small, but growing collection.

I’ll be posting pics of the ATCs I stitched on these themes as soon as I hear my second one has arrived safely with its recipient…


One response to “Two ATCs Received

  1. These ATC’s are great!