A Biscornu for May

Design: Blackwork Biscofleur by Kell Smurthwaite, Kincavel Krosses
Materials: White 14-count aida; DMC 310 floss; black tassel; black ribbon; soft toy stuffing

I thought I’d give a 15-faced biscofleur a try as I’d made a regular 15-sided biscornu before, but admired the “tulip” shape of the biscofleur. It was a lot simpler to put together than I had thought it would be.

I designed five blackwork faces and stitched three of each, with the exception of the fifth design, of which I stitched only two and replaced the third with a simple blackwork border around my name and the date.

The designs will shortly be available for download on my design blog (click on Kincavel Krosses above).


2 responses to “A Biscornu for May

  1. Debbie Osborne

    I saw your biscofleur and was intrigued by it. I love making biscornus and would love to try the biscofleur. I thought I saw directions on how to put it together on website/blog but I can’t find them again. could you let me know where they are? thanks