Earth Day 2010 – 40th Anniversary

22nd April 2010 is the 40th Earth Day – a day to celebrate the Earth in all its natural beauty and to really think long and hard about how badly we abuse our planet as well as what we can do to rectify that.

Do something good for the planet today. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, just think about what you’re doing:

  • If you’re shopping, take your own bags with you, instead of using new plastic carrier bags (if you have natural fibre bags, that’s even better!)
  • Only buy things with minimal packaging and try to buy local produce (the shorter the distance your produce is transported, the better!)
  • Recycle all your glass, plastic and paper
  • Plant something – it can be something as simple as growing cress for your salad, or you could go ahead and plant a tree, or a butterfly garden
  • Check which organic waste can be used for composting and compost it! If you have a garden and don’t already have a composter, get hold of one (they’re not all that expensive) and start giving that waste a chance to do your garden some good
  • Use environmentally friendly products (e.g. roll-on or pump-action deodorants rather than aerosols, or even use crystal deodorants)
  • Walk or cycle to work, use public transport or car-share – just don’t use your car just to transport yourself and nobody else!
  • Go on a litter pick, or organise one yourself – there are countless beaches and parks that could benefit from all the litter being disposed of properly (just make sure you do it safely and wear sturdy gloves!)
  • Switch off electrics (such as TV, radio, DVD player, etc) at the wall when they’re not being used – don’t just stick them on stand-by

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but there are countless things you could do. I plan to try my hand at planting some seeds and growing my own food. It will be a windowsill project, but I’m determined to give it a try.

What will YOU do?


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