Facebook Against Breastfeeding! (The B*stards!)

If it weren’t for the fact that I am a member of several support groups on Facebook, I’d be deleting my own account there immediately as I’m so angry with them. The fact is, however, they may well delete my account themselves as apparently I, and many other mothers, are obscene.

Many Mums have found their accounts deleted, some with warning, many without; others have discovered, as I did this morning, that some of their photos have been removed. Why? Because they show themselves breastfeeding their child.

I only heard about this happening this morning and checked my own account. Sure enough, one of my photos was no longer there. I received no notification that it was being removed before or after the fact and I had no warning that they deemed the content “obscene” in any way.

I’ll let you all be the judges. This is the picture that mysteriously disappeared. You tell me – is it obscene in any way?

It shows Xander at age 13 1/2 months having his afternoon snack. Now I’m not an exhibitionist, in fact I’m incredibly shy about my body, but this picture does not show any nipple, or even a smidgen of areola. All I’m doing is feeding my son in the way that nature intended.

Human beings are mammals. The definition of mammal, according to Dictionary.com is:

n.  Any of various warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Mammalia, including humans, characterized by a covering of hair on the skin and, in the female, milk-producing mammary glands for nourishing the young.

Would Facebook have removed a picture of a cow feeding its calf? I think not!

I have returned the “offending” photograph to my Facebook album and have also posted it on my wall with the following message:

It seems Facebook have deleted one of my photos. It is a shot of Xan breastfeeding and my nipple is not visible in it at all. They have left an almost identical one when he’s younger alone though so I do not understand their logic. I am reposting it, so if my account disappears, you’ll know they deleted me for “obscene… content”. Tell me, do you think this picture is obscene?

If my account disappears from Facebook, you’ll all know they took exception to my pointing out that THEY have a problem with Western culture sexualising breasts to the point where they can’t be seen for what they actually are – a food source for babies – NOT ME!


3 responses to “Facebook Against Breastfeeding! (The B*stards!)

  1. This had been an issue with Facebook for a while. I think I read about it last year on another mommy site. They take it that it is still boobs and someone might be offended (which they might) but I doubt anyone you would be friends with would complain.

    On a side note though, you should still be careful about your pics especially on facebook. If for nothing else they like to let 3rd party companies/software have access to your information including your photos and sometimes those companies use those photos for their own advertising purposes. Don’t tag anything and don’t name anything something other than a date. It isn’t foolproof but it will help. I try to rotate my pictures out and don’t put that many up there to begin with except for things like snow…not many of my kids up there at all.

    Especially after all the new “privacy” features that turn everything on to PUBLIC by default…to be honest I really don’t know why so many people like facebook…it sucks.

  2. that is so awful. I don’t use Facebook, although I have an account. I’ll probably cancel it, seeing I never use it.
    anyway, that photo of Xander is not obscene, in fact, the breast actually looks like your shoulder, or even forearm. (I will admit that putting up photos of children, especially, is in my opinion a little dangerous, because there are so many wierdos out there, you never know where that photo might end up and for what purpose.
    Hope you sort things out, good luck!

  3. You know, for the record I could care less about any kind of nude photos as long as they are all private. I don’t mind Bfing pics, I mean…I have boobs and see them every day so it isn’t a big deal to me! LOL

    I think what FB and other sites issue is they are trying to make everything soooo open to the public that anyone can see it…and they are trying to sanitize it somewhat for that reason. I think if they would just stop trying to make everyone’s info public and sharing everything there wouldn’t be an issue. I am seriously considering not closing my account but taking all my stuff off of there like my pictures and such. Now they are making a lot of things apps so they can have ‘permission’ to pull all this extra info… kinda underhanded if you ask me.