Everybody Hurts – Helping Haiti

I couldn’t believe they chose this song for the Haiti relief charity single! Honestly – “Everybody Hurts”? Yes, they do – they’ve been buried under tonnes of rubble! I honestly thought it was a sick joke when I first heard about it. They could not have been less sensitive in their choice if they’d tried.

I’ll admit, I also get a bit narked that all these rich stars will do a charity single to sell to the general public to raise money, but precious few of them actually give much of their own cash. John Travolta is my hero at the moment. He flew his own plane filled with relief aid packs over there himself. That’s a man with integrity.

I’d have far more respect for the stars involved in this project if there was a proviso that all the participants also give a hefty chunk of their own money to the cause as well.

Anyway, it’s nice that they’ve all got together to do another Band Aid kind of thing, but I really wish Mr Cowell had thought a bit harder about which song to use.


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