Shiny New Tooth!

Xander enjoying his first seesaw ride a couple of weeks ago
Check that cheeky, toothy grin!

We’ve been waiting and watching so closely for Xan’s bottom left molar to pop through the big bump it’s making in him gum, that we completely missed his bottom right molar coming through until this morning!

Really, we should have expected that as every time a tooth has come through, it’s looked like the one on the left will pop through any moment and then the right one beats it to it. Anyway, that makes a grand total of nine teeth with another on the way. Our gorgeous little boy is getting an even toothier grin!


3 responses to “Shiny New Tooth!

  1. AW! He is too cute!

    We always missed our kids toothless gums…something about a smiling toothless baby just made me mushy inside. But…I we also loved their toothy grins just as much!

    Podling has a few more to go yet. She has all but the two “fang” teeth on the top and the opposite ones on the bottom. I am in no rush for them since the last bought of 4 or so teeth came in at the same time and we were all miserable for it. Hopefully these last few take their time and are easier.

  2. I miss the gummy grins too, but he really does have lovely teeth. SHARP teeth, but really lovely ones. LOL!

  3. such a sweet smile!
    Regarding the floss and band, you’re most welcome! (that took some time to get to you)
    If you ever need anything else, let me know!