Discworld Bingo

Discworld Bingo Prize sent out to Lessa

Through the month of December, I hosted the bingo game at Cross Stitch Forum and, being a HUGE Pratchett fan, I chose a Discworld theme. All the Discworld novels were listed and everyone had to choose 10. Every day, I “shouted out” two or three titles and everyone diligently crossed them off their lists.

The winner was Lessa and now that she’s received her prize, I can post a photo of it to show it off (I didn’t want to do so earlier in case she saw and it ruined the surprise!).

The prize was:

  • Two large aperture cards
  • Three hand-dyed Six Strand Sweets flosses
  • A Tigger bookmark kit
  • A Celtic Angel chart
  • A Great A’Tuin chart (showing A’Tuin carrying the four elephants and the Discworld itself through space on his shell)

Lessa’s prize arrived yesterday and she seems chuffed to ribbons (phew!). I’m looking forward to seeing what theme she comes up with for her hosted bingo game! 🙂


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