Christmas Wrapping – The Christmas Count Down Begins!

A small selection of the gifts I’ve wrapped so far for this year…

Every year I try to get as much of my festive gift shopping as possible done before 1st December, so I can avoid the Christmas Crush in the city centre in the run up to the holidays. At the best of times, I don’t like going into town on Saturdays because it’s so busy, but it gets one hundred times worse when December starts and the mayhem gets crazier with each passing day as the frenzied shoppers try to grab everything in time for Christmas.

I’ve been even more organised than usual this year – I’ve been shopping throughout the year, picking up a gift here and a present there when I’ve spotted them, so I can spread the cost and the time across twelve months instead of just a few days. As a result, I already had around two-thirds of my gift shopping finished by the time we hit November and I’ve now ordered a bunch of stuff online which should arrive next Monday that will all but complete things (perhaps only one or two items to pick up here and there as extra gifts).

This year, however, the rush is on to get everything wrapped very quickly. Each year a member of our family (either one in Scotland or one in England) does what we call The Christmas Run – transporting all the gifts from one end of the country to the other and returning with another car-load of gifts in the other direction. Usually this happens about a week or so before Christmas, and this year it was scheduled for 17th December, but Dad (who was doing the Big Flit) broke his arm and now can’t drive (he’s in plaster up to his shoulder!). It looked like many of the gifts might have to wait till the New Year and we’d all have a second Christmas, but nobody wanted to spoil it for the kiddies, so my Sister and Mam are meeting half way to do the exchange – on 13th December!

So, everything has to be wrapped, packed and ready to go by 12th December at the latest.

The wrapping frenzy has begun.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to gift wrapping – I like everything to look “just so” and to have lots of decorative ribbons and curls to make them look special. I also like to keep everything to just a few colours – this year it’s black, gold and maroon – so that it all looks pretty and “themed”. As a result of my own extra-careful wrapping technique, it’s taken me three evenings of wrapping already and I’m not done! Hopefully I’ll get the gifts I have left wrapped tonight so that I only have the ones arriving on the 7th to do next week – fingers crossed!

I’m so glad I was organised this year!


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