Schedule: Week Commencing 16 November 2009


As part of being a FlyBaby, I’ve allocated different tasks to different days of the week. In addition to the tasks that I do on specific days every week, each week also focuses on a different zone in the home – this week it’s the bathroom and livingroom – so there will be additional tasks for that room too. I’ll take great satisfaction in ticking all these off my list!

This week, my schedule looks like this (these are in addition to my daily “routines”) split into three categories of tasks – “general” (tasks I do on this day every week), “specific” (tasks that are specific to this particular day) and “zone” (tasks relating to the focus zone for this week).

MON 16/11 * Change bedding
* Clear out bag and wallet
* Bake chocolate cake
* Defrotst sausages and bacon
* Clean and tidy towel shelves
* Clean window and sill
TUE 17/11 * Water plants
* Going to see Chicago at HMT with Leni * Clean and tidy toiletry shelf
Clean toothbrushes
Clean hairbrushes
WED 18/11 * Empty all bins * Slow cooker – sausage casserole
* Defrost turkey breast steaks
* Sort makeup bag
* Clean makeup brushes
* Clean living room window and sill
*Clean TV and TV unit, coffee table and bookcase
THU 19/11 * Clean bathroom mirror
* Clean shower screen
* Mop kitchen and bathroom floors
* Bake biscuits
* Vacuum pack Xander’s clothes
* Defrost portion of chlli
* Clean sofa
* Polish fireplace
* Clean mantelpiece and pictures
FRI 20/11 * Paper purge
* Take books to Book Crossing point
* Take clothes to charity shop
* Defrost diced pork
* Scrub Xander’s chair
* Vacuum Xander’s playpen
Tidy Xander’s toys
SAT 21/11 * Clean fridge
* Plan menus
* Grocery list
* Defrost beef joint


SUN 22/11 * Check grocery list
* Grocery shopping
* Vacuum whole flat




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  1. Hi Kell

    Could you please send me your e-mail addy so I can send you an invite for the Basket of Biscornu blog, Hugs Tracy xx

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