Operation Beauty – Spread the Word!

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Yesterday I stumbled across the most wonderful blog – Operation Beautiful. The aim of the blogger is to post little messages of positivity and inspiration wherever she goes, spreading a little happiness and boosting the self-image of others in an act of such selflessness and pure wonderfulness that is often lacking in today’s world of celebrity-obsessed and media-driven ideas of  “perfection and beauty”.

I was personally inspired to fill an entire post-it pad with little messages and keep it in my handbag so that I can randomly stick them up whenever I’m out and about. I began today with this little batch (including a £5 note which I put into circulation with a little message on it in the hopes that it will brighten someone’s day!).

Please do visit Operation Beautiful. I hope you’ll all be similarly inspired and will come away from the site feeling great about yourself!

06.11.09 - £5 noteSmile – You are beautiful!
(put into circulation at the George Street Post Office)

06.11.09 - Belmont Cinema LiftHello, Beautiful! (Yes, you!)
(Belmont Cinema lift)

06.11.09 - Boots Maybelline StandLook in the mirror and know that it’s true,
– The beauty you see reflected is… YOU!
(Boots Maybelline stand)

06.11.09 - George Street SparWow! You are totally HOT!
(George Street Spar)

06.11.09 - W H SmithReal beauty comes from within.
– Let your inner beauty shine!

(St Nicholas Centre W H Smith)


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