Eddie Izzard – Awesome Like a Billion Hotdogs!

stripped_mailout_fullEddie Izzard – sexiest comedian on the planet!

For my birthday back at the end of September, my lovely husband presented me with my second-best-ever birthday present* – two tickets to see Eddie Izzard LIVE at the AECC on 4th November. I was so excited I almost pee’d my pants! This is because I think Eddie Izzard is the sexiest comedian on the planet, and possibly in the universe (as well as being the very funniest!).

So, last night I got togged up to the nines and we headed out to the AECC, where the search lights we had been able to see from our flat were lighting up the heavily overcast sky. By the time we arrived, the butterflies in my stomach were pretty much getting out of control and the anticipation was overwhelming – after all, I’ve waited six years for another tour and have longed since the early 90s to see Eddie in the flesh, rather than having to plump for DVDs of his performances. This was literally a dream come true for me (the only way it could possibly have been better is if I’d met him after the show and he’d promptly declared that he could not live without me – I wouldn’t actually have run off with him or anything, but I might have had a quick snog and thought about it – LOL!).

We had excellent seats – row K to stage right, seats 13 and 14 (I got seat 13 – my lucky number!) and we had a terrific view of the stage. There were three large screens – one in the centre at the back, and one on either side of the stage. The two side screens were used pre-show to beam pictures of people in the audience up for all to see (at one point, they caught a guy giving his sweetie a quick kiss and everyone went “Awwwww!”. Then he realised they were on the screens and he took off his glasses, which made everyone laugh!). Over the pictures was a live Twitter feed which was filled with messages from fans all around the world as well as all around the arena, and some of them were hilarious, so we were all laughing before Eddie even graced the stage. And I have to say that Mr Izzard has excellent taste in music – we had a real treat for the ears while we were waiting and there wasn’t a bad tune played the whole time.

And then he was there! It was almost a case of me sitting in a puddle of my own making when he stepped through the door at the back of the stage – I was finally getting to see Eddie Izzard! I was actually getting to be in the same room and breath the same air as Him!

He was hilarious from the off. His now-famous rambling style makes it feel very personal when you’re actually there, like he’s talking directly to you and just letting his mind go off at tangents. And he was GORGEOUS too! He wasn’t in a dress or skirt this time round, and the only make-up I could spot was a touch of eye-liner, but I love, love, LOVE the jacket he was wearing (a red-lined black tail coat – very dashing!), and boy does he suit the goatee!

Eddie filled his show with new ramblings and nods to old favourites (no Mrs Badcrumble this time, but Pavlov got a mention). I will never again be able to look at a dog without imagining it kneading bread…

Funny as he was in the first half, he was even better in the second half, if you can believe it!

Dale and I both had an awesome time and I hope Mr Izzard will come back to Aberdeen for future shows because I certainly won’t be missing them!

* The best ever was Xander, who arrived two days before my 32nd birthday!

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