Professional? Not So Much…

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Why is it that Big Shots seem to think it’s alright to be incredibly rude and unprofessional? Do they think that because the Little People need them for one thing or another that they can do what they like and ride roughshod over everyone as long as it suits them? Or do they think that because they get to charge a large amount for an hour of their time, then their time is more important than ours?

Well, I have resolved that I will no longer put up with unprofessionalism or rudeness from anybody – particularly not Big Shots with their heads up their own a*ses!

So, what brought this about? What has changed me from a mild-mannered Stay-At-Home-Mum to someone who is standing up and shouting at the top of her lungs, “No more!”? Well, it’s all because of a solicitor…

My sister is in the middle of divorce proceedings – it’s an emotional time for her and she’d prefer it if things were done, dusted and out of the way. In short, it will be a big relief to her when she no longer has to think about it any more, so obviously she’d like things to be sorted out as soon as possible. As her big sister, I agreed to make a statement on her behalf and, so to save time and money, her solicitor agreed to do the statement as a phone interview. I duly called and made the appointment – we were all disappointed that I had to wait three weeks for said appointment, but we understood, after all, he’s a busy man.

The day of the appointment was Monday past.

I waited for the appointed time – and no phone call.

After waiting half an hour, I called the office and was told the solicitor was busy.

I called back another half hour later (an hour after the original time of the appointment) and still no luck.

Another half hour passed and I called for a third time – this time to say that I had to leave to go to another appointment and could he please call me after 4.30pm? The assistant said that she would pass the message, as she had done with the earlier ones, to the solicitor.

At 4.30pm I was by the telephone and no call came. Still nothing by the end of the day.

I waited all day yesterday to see if a call would be forthcoming to apologise and reschedule. Did it come? No, it did not.

This morning, I again called his office to remake the appointment and had to make one for after another two weeks wait. I was, as you can imagine, very annoyed. I told the woman I was not angry at her, but was very unhappy with the solicitor not getting back to me and now having to wait even longer. Her reply was that I had not left my phone number when I made the appointment!

My argument was now that a) I did leave my number when I made the appointment and if I hadn’t, wouldn’t it have been the job of the assistant to ask for it when making an apointment for a telephone interview? b) I had left my phone number at the subsequent calls and still had not had a reply, and c) how difficult would it have been if, on realising they didn’t have my number for whatever reason, to call my sister (on whose behalf the statement was being made) and ask her for it, considering they most certainly have hers?

I then went on to say that his behaviour was not only very unprofessional but was also downright rude and that if I get messed around with the next appointment as I was with this one, I shall start billing him for my time!


2 responses to “Professional? Not So Much…

  1. Sounds like he likes to overbook his time. There was no reason for excuses, it was unprofessional enough as it is. He should have at least have someone call and say to reschedule. Things happen, maybe another client ended up in court on an emergency basis and he had to be there…

    When you DO talk to him, make sure he knows the attitude of the staff. I have had to deal with people who were great, but their office staff was HORRID. They never knew about their staff though as the staff would never say anything or play it down like they did everything right.

    He may have needed something as simple as a reminder.

  2. Oh, I’ll be letting him know about his staff alright – there was no excuse at all because the woman who took the apointment didn’t do her job either way. If I gave my number and she didn’t write it down, she wasn’t doing her job. If I didn’t give my number and she failed to ask for it, she wasn’t doing her job. With both options, she’s not giving a good impression of the company.