Little Fingers Get Everywhere!


It’s no news to any Mum that little fingers get everywhere – you can’t leave anything sitting or tiny hands will be grabbing your stuff and away with it before you can blink. There are, however, some things that can’t be moved for one reason or another. For example, our Sky box. It’s in the only place we can put it, a place where it doesn’t stand out and look too obvious, but is still able to sense the remote control when we want to change the channel. Unfortunately, it seems to have magnetic properties where Xander is concerned – he just can’t stay away from it and constantly removes the Sky card. The other day, he had the card out and had hidden it before I even realised it was gone. Ten frantic minutes of hunting later, and we found it on the corner table where Xander had slotted it underneath his pack of soft cubes – crafty little boy!

Today I had a Clever Mummy moment – I decided that the only way to reduce Xander’s interest in removing the Sky card is if he’s unable to remove it. So, I’ve taped it in place with some clear sticky tape that goes right round the sides of the box. It can’t really be seen and Xander can’t remove the card any more. Problem solved.

Let’s see you get that card out now, Mr Tiny Fingers!

(I’ve also put tape over all the unused plug sockets just to keep his Little Exploring Fingers out!)


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