Waste Not, Want Not!

pencil shavings

I’m a great fan of the whole idea of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and so I love DoTheGreenThing.com which is all about, as the name suggests, doing the green thing by reducing, reusing and recycling – simple!

On that very site I spotted this wonderful little piece of film – To The End Of The Pencil And The Edge Of The Page – where artist Guillaume Cornet uses a pencil right down to the stub creating a piece of art that extends right to the edge of the paper. Watch in awe and wonder at his creativity – it’s an inspiration in itself! So much so that I have now decided that once my wasteful mechanical pencils are all used up, I’ll be switching to traditional-style pencils instead – far less waste!

Go watch the video. Go on, now. Go! You know you want to!


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