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Book Tree

You’d be amazed how many books amass when you’re a bookworm. Honestly, books seem to be magnetically attracted to me and they accumulate in my flat in vast numbers – and some of them I know I will never read.  (It’s like I have a book tree growing out of control in my flat!) When I get them, I fully intend to dive in between the pages, but sometimes, just sometimes, I’ll start a book and know pretty quickly that there’s no way I’m going to finish it – either I’m not enjoying it for some reason, or my tastes have changed since I got hold of it, or it’s a sequel which I got hold of at the same time as the first book in the series, but didn’t enjoy the first one and so I now have no interest in following it up.

As a result of all this, I have an entire bookcase of books that consist of those I have read but am not keeping and those I have not read and never will. Over 100 of them are listed for sale at, but there were quite a few others that were very large and/or and would cost a fortune to post out, making listing them at GreenMetropolis pointless as I’d actually be out-of-pocket (not that I list them there for profit, but it’s nice to at least be able to cover the postage costs without pricing them out of the second hand market!).

So, what would I do with the large, heavy books I had decided not to sell? Well, last week I donated four carrier bags of them to a charity shop – I walked down George Street with the bags in the base of the buggy and stopped in at several shops before I finally found one willing to take them. Rather than go through all that again, I decided to try something  little different.

I have had an account at for a few years now and have periodically registered books there that I had listed at swap sites (like, but, like I’ve already said, these were hefty tomes and the postage rates would be exorbitant so I didn’t want to list them for Moochers (I’ll reserve that for small paperbacks). So, I’ve listed over thirty books at BookCrossing (as many as I had labels printed out) and will be taking them all to a local BookCrossing site over my next few trips into town.

So, if you are interested in picking up a book to read free of cost and are in the Aberdeen area, get down to The Belmont Picture House and nip downstairs to the cafe bar – that’s where I’ll be leaving them.

If you’re interested in seeing which books I will be leaving there, you can see them listed at my BookCrossing Profile.

And if you’re in the UK and would rather buy your books second hand, please do take a look at my GreenMetropolis Profile and see if there’s anything there that whets your appetite!

I hope some of you will follow suit and send your unwanted or unloved books out into the world where they have a chance at finding another loving home and being read and enjoyed by many others!


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