Wardrobe Purge

091019_135909Clothes all ready for bagging up

My housework focus room this week is the Master Bedroom, so I kicked off by sorting through the wardrobe. For too long, our wardrobe has been the place to shove things out of sight and forget about them, so it was full of all kinds of interesting things. I decided that there was room in there for only a few things, namely clothes, some shoes and my Festive Gift Stash.

The top shelf in the main body of our double wardrobe is my Gift Stash. Throughout the year, I’ve picked up gifts for people when I see them, so I’d estimate that about 2/3rds of my festive shopping is actually already completed (how’s that for organisation and spreading the cost?), along with this year’s cards an wrapping paper, so I tidied everything up and discovered I actually still had more room in there than I thought (hurrah!).

Next was the hanging clothes. I knew there were clothes in there that I do not wear and haven’t worn in ages. Part of this is because I spent most of last year pregnant and all the time after giving birth trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (which I now am), but there was stuff in there that I hadn’t worn since my honeymoon six years ago (when I was much thinner) and although it’s lovely stuff, my styles have changed a great deal since then and I wouldn’t wear them again, so out they came. I did keep one dress (the one I wore to my hen night) as my “target dress” as I aim to fit back into it at some point in the near future (hopefully by this time next year!). I also hauled out all Dale’s clothes and we had a quick “keep or chuck” session with his stuff too.

Next was the shelves on the left side of the wardrobe (it’s a double with an extra section) and I hauled out all the jeans that no longer fit (too small and – hurrah! – too large!) for both of us, along with my maternity trousers (which, even if I get pregnant again, I wouldn’t be wearing as I hated them this time round and would prefer something different next time!) and a bunch of skirts my Mam gave me when I was pregnant but I never wore because they were “Mumsy” (she gave me them because they had elasticated waists and I was HUGE!).

All these items were neatly folded and packed into four plastic shopping bags, ready to take either to a charity shop or to the donation bins next to Sainsbury’s tomorrow.

I feel MUCH better for having done it, as now I have plenty of room for any new clothes I might decide to get – however, I’ll be making sure that anything I buy to wear will be something I love and so will wear a lot, so I don’t have another bunch of clothes sitting in the wardrobe feeling neglected!

091019_140405All bagged up and ready to go!


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