Proud Mummy Moment


For several weeks now, Xander has been doing what I call “falling with style”, i.e. launching himself for a couple of steps towards ether myself or my hubby and falling in a forward direction. This evening, however, he made a big step forward – or half a dozen of them, actually! He let go of the table and very steadily took six or seven steps towards me and into my waiting arms.

I am so proud I could burst – and Xander seemed incredibly pleased with himself too (as he had every right to be!). We then spent the rest of the evening walking around the living room with his holding either both or one of my hands as he toddled along-side me, and also a few more instances of a couple of steps to me or hubby.

I can’t believe it – he’s properly mobile and there’ll be no stopping him now!


2 responses to “Proud Mummy Moment

  1. LOL It’s always great to see them walking.

    Got your new place on my RSS feed so I can keep up with you now. 🙂

  2. Aww, thanks, Sandy. 🙂 Always nice to have a friendly visitor! 😉